The government of a country handles the economic conditions in two ways.

One of these ways is related to a particular industry. This field of economics is called microeconomics.  Dissertation students who are writing their papers on this subject need to deviate from repeated topics like demand and supply. Several assignments have been written on these topics and have been graded in the past. Thus, new topics need to be selected. One of the less explored  dissertation topics is trade off policy. The government of a country may drop one economic venture for a better option. This is called trade off.

The economic value lost due to this dropped venture is called trade off value. When the situation of an organization is considered, trade off value is calculated at a lot of stages. This may take place one in a year or even more than that. Every time a company has to compare economic ventures, it has to create a trade off value for each one of them.

A trade off value is calculated with the help of a comparison chart. Every option is listed down along with its trade off value and productivity figure. Once, all the options are listed down, they are compared with each other. The options with the lowest trade off value and the highest productivity value are selected. A trade off value is determined through extensive calculations and interpretations.

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